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A privately held company, Pure Dairy are the world’s foremost experts in dairy solutions for commodity traders and foodservices.


Pure Dairy was founded in 2011, and has since grown exponentially to service a trading network covering some 46 countries. With four international offices, our headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia.


Pure Dairy was founded in 2011, and has since grown exponentially to service a trading network covering some 72 countries. With four international offices, our headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia.

At Pure Dairy, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of global and domestic dairy products, manufacturing systems and market activity. Our multidisciplinary teams liaise closely with customers to create custom end-to-end solutions including everything from product development, procurement, planning, execution and quality control to financing, freight, compliance, warehousing, distribution and marketing.

Sharing knowledge and insights with our sister division, Pure Dairy Foodservice, we go beyond transactional business to form long-term, strategic relationships 

Business divisions

Pure Dairy offer a full range of end-to-end services for foodservice, retail and commodity buyers and sellers

We delivered by our respective business divisions of Pure Dairy Trade and Pure Dairy Foodservices. These units are constantly sharing data and insights, so you’ll always be supported by the full power of our intellectual capital

Pure Dairy

Pure Dairy

A message from our Global Trade Director
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Pure Dairy Trade’s international success is founded on our dynamic and service-oriented mindset, our strive for excellence, our global reach and our extensive market and technical product knowledge in cheese, fats and powders.

The foundation of our strategy is built on creating clear value in the commodity chain. We achieve this through a collaborative approach that goes beyond just trading. Our teams work across multiple subsector networks to forge strong relationships and create long-term strategies.

Whether for our suppliers or buyers, our goal is to deliver value through better products, better services and deeper industry insights. We connect all expertise within our international networks—and by being the thought leader, we bring the key factors in the commodity value chain together.

The commodity environment has entered a state of constant flux. Commodity price volatility, uneven development in food demand, shifts in global supply chains, climate change and sustainability pressures are but some of the many factors at play. Keeping abreast of these drivers is extremely important for businesses if they are to manage supply risks, adjust sourcing and pricing strategies, identify and seize new market opportunities and navigate the turbulence of food commodity markets.

Our trade team is highly skilled, highly trained and highly empowered, with the information they need to make quick decisions without having to go up through layers of bureaucracy.

We look to the future together with our sister divisions, Pure Dairy Foodservice, Pure Dairy Manufacturing and Pure Dairy Retail. Combining our strengths, this gives us access to a wealth of additional expertise, technical assets and valuable relationships. That’s why our team here at Pure Dairy Trade has such a deep understanding of the entire industry—from commodity buyers and suppliers to manufacturers and end users.

I’m proud and honoured to lead our talented team into a new era. Whilst no one knows what the future holds, one thing is certain—Pure Dairy will be there, following our passion and doing what we do best. And that is taking care of your business every single day.

Remco van Keulen
Global Trade Director


Pure Dairy offer a full range of end-to-end services for foodservices, retail and commodity buyers and  sellers,

Adrian Josephson

Executive Chairman

Robert Giles

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Cowl

GM People & Culture

Remco van Keulen

Global Trade Director

Albert Zago

Chief Financial Officer

Kristian Dow

Marketing Manager

Rina Dewson

General Manager Operations

Lisa Danaher

Commercial Manager

Lawrence Er Wei Hua

Commercial Manager

Jeanette Tan

Commercial Manager

Wendy Laycock

Logistics Manager

Sharon Power

Logistics Co-ordinator

Jenny Liu

Logistics Co-ordinator

Jessica Condon

Supply Chain & QA Manager

Roni Jaslowitz

Commercial Accountant

Devin Sibera

Commercial Analyst

Laura Weng

Senior Financial Accountant

Hailey How


Hilda Lourdes

Location: Melbourne, Australia


  • Member of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Australia
  • Master of Business Administration, Victoria University
  • Bachelor of Finance and Human Resource, Corporate Finance, HELP University


Hilda joined Pure Dairy in 2018, and serves as the Group Chief Financial Officer based in Melbourne.

Through her qualification as a CPA and possession of an MBA, Hilda understands the power of numbers. She has over 15 years’ experience in financial accounting and operations across a variety of sectors, including hospitality, retail and construction, and is passionate about growing businesses through the strategic presentation of financial figures. She is an expert in communicating complex financial information in its most simple and effective form, and is well versed in Financial Control and Cashflow Management. Furthermore, Hilda plays an instrumental role in setting up banking, accounting and tax systems in the many of the foreign countries that pure dairy operates.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Hilda comes from a country steeped in cultural diversity, helping her to understand the importance of cross-border partnerships in a rapidly globalising economy. She believes that the collective strength of the team is greater than the sum of its individuals, and guides and mentors her colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for themselves, the organisation and our customers.

Hilda is an avid traveller and loves learning new things – both personally and professionally. She believes in living life to its fullest every day as best she can.

Adrian Josephson

Position: Managing Director.

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Education: Bachelor of Business, Swinburne University of Technology.
Diploma of Hotel Management, William Angliss College.

Adrian Josephson is the Founder and Managing Director of Pure Dairy, establishing Pure Dairy in 2010 after working for seven years in trade sales for an international agribusiness.

In his previous employment, Adrian maintained daily engagements with international trade partners and global import and export markets, helping him to develop a deep understanding of the cultural differences, commercial trends and selling capabilities across industrial trade and food markets around the world.

Adrian founded Pure Dairy on the back of this expertise, and a desire to create an open and honest business that could go above and beyond to achieve the best commercial outcomes for its business partners.

In his role as Managing Director, Adrian oversees Pure Dairy’s growing international trade and food service teams, and plays an integral role in managing new business opportunities, corporate strategy and marketing campaigns.

Adrian is a passionate leader who understands the benefits of being a ‘hands-on’ organisation. Partnering with customers on every step of their dairy journey, Adrian and the team at Pure Dairy take pride in quickly rendering the finer details of any business challenge, all the while providing unsurpassed customer service.

Adrian’s goal is to continue to provide world-class dairy solutions to customers around the world, strengthening Pure Dairy’s reputation of honesty, integrity and excellence in the process.

Kristian Dow

Position: Group Marketing Manager

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Sports Management & Marketing), Deakin University

Kristian joined Pure Dairy in 2022 as Group Marketing Manager in the Melbourne Office – a newly created role that sees him responsible for marketing across the entire business.

With over 20 years of experience across several sectors including automotive, consumer electronics, and retail hardware, he has transitioned into the food and beverage industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience with new product development, brand marketing, and social media.

Kristian is a strategic thinker and applies a customer-first approach to everything he does. He understands the nuances of social media and how this can be used effectively to grow a brand and create awareness. With a keen eye for detail, he is passionate about growing Pure Dairy’s brand and products.

Outside of work, Kristian and his 2 boys are keen skiers – both snow and water. Kristian can often be seen playing ball with his dog Milo or chasing an errant golf ball around on the weekends.

Craig Sleep

Position: General Manager Foodservice

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Education: Post Graduate in Applied Business, Swinburne University Hawthorn

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, Craig has extensive knowledge as a dairy professional in both the sales and marketing fields. Performing senior leadership roles in FMCG he has spent 15 years specialising in dairy. Craig has led teams across the Retail, Ingredients both domestic and internationally with his passion lying in the domestic foodservice space.

Craig’s leadership and experience will provide a strong platform for the continual growth of Pure dairy and its stakeholders.

Craig holds a strong bias for real customer value and a good eye for talent. He understands the hands on and fast paced nature of the Industry, he leads from the front and is motivated around providing solutions to all customers and providing value to the Industry.

Outside of business, Craig enjoys AFL football, particularly Collingwood Football club. He divides his time between Melbourne and Echuca/Moama.