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The Perfect Solution – Pure Dairy Butter Portions


| 01 May 2022

The hospitality industry has moved overwhelmingly to take-away, home delivery and pre-prepared meals during the imposition of strict social distancing measures. During these uncertain times, when all the usual business models are being turned on their heads, having access to high quality products that require minimal fussy preparation, taste great and complement your food is absolutely essential.

Pure Dairy’s delicious, portion controlled salted butter packs are the perfect solution.

Cutting up and serving small, evenly sized chunks of butter and wrapping them up to include in a home delivered meal can only be described as messy, time consuming, expensive and wasteful. And with Pure Dairy’s exquisite creamy butter portions, there’s simply no need to go to all the fuss.

Easy to open, made with 100 per cent natural milk and a pinch of salt and conveniently packaged at the right size, Pure Dairy’s wholesome and great tasting butter portions are the perfect solution for a range of applications.

Serve it with steaming hot pancakes, over a tasty, hot corn cob, in a bowl of freshly steamed green vegetables, or with your favourite sourdough or rye bread. This quality and delicious product will perfectly complement any high-quality meal and bring out the best flavours. All with a minimum of fuss, bother and waste.



Just because the way you prepare and serve food has changed in the short term doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality – your customers still expect it. And with Pure Dairy’s portion-controlled butter segments you can continue to keep up your end of the quality culinary bargain.

The reason our butter is so good is because it starts with the best ingredients – fresh creamy milk from pasture fed, processed with a pinch of salt to bring out the most flavour from that golden yellow buttery goodness.

And with cost at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment, our portion-controlled butter segments help you to better manage food costs, reduce waste and minimise expensive labour inputs during food preparation. All without having to sacrifice any quality or flavour for the food you’ve worked hard to prepare.

Our portion-controlled butter provides the quality you’ve come to expect from Pure Dairy’s stable of freshly made dairy produce, at an affordable price and focused on what you need as a food industry business.

Pure Dairy’s team of passionate experts are committed to quality and a desire to create the highest quality dairy products, servicing Australia’s food industry even when the chips are down! We are committed to achieving and exceeding the needs of our consumers through superior customer service. So, in addition to making and selling the very best quality products, our customer service department matched with our technical support team will ensure you keep coming back.

So, give our portion-controlled butter a try out today – we’re confident you’ll want to come back for more.

Written By

Darcy Shew