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THINS Burger Slices – Best Quality Burger Cheese At The Best Price Point


| 08 Nov 2022

THINS Burger Slices – Best Quality Burger Cheese At The Best Price Point
If you’re in the business of making and selling quality burgers you’ll know that success starts with using only the highest quality ingredients – whether the buns, the pickles or the beef that is used to make the patty.

Taking cheap shortcuts by using lower quality ingredients is a sure recipe for disaster – particularly in a market where the competition is so strong – it seems like there is a new boutiques burger shop opening up every other day.

Of course, with competition also comes the need to keep costs down so that you can continue to get your quality product out there at an affordable price that will keep your clientele interested – the reality is that, while consumers want the very best quality they can find, we all know that budgets are slimmer and people are watching their pennies closely.

The challenge for restaurateurs is to maintain the highest quality standards while delivering an affordable and appealing product that meets the exacting expectations of your buyers.

At Pure Dairy we’ve recognised the need for a product that is as good as any of our other cheese slices but delivers an economical outcome for our client restaurants.

Pure Dairy is focused on quality and customer satisfaction first and foremost. Our range of burger cheese slices are the best available in the Australian market. They deliver against the important characteristics of mild flavour to complement and enhance your high quality patties, carefully managed moisture content and a high melting point to ensure perfect melting without leaching fat and water to make your burger soggy and a visually appealing melt that will make your product stand out on social media!

Our THINS burger slices deliver all the high quality, creamy flavour and meltiness that our other cheese slices provide but in an economically sized slice that will suit your need to manage costs of production.

Pure Dairy’s burger cheese slices are already the best option to ensure your burgers taste and look the best when compared to the lower standard offerings of your competitors, with the perfect mild flavour, creamy texture and melting good looks. If you’re looking to make sure your burgers look and taste the best but need to manage the costs of your ingredients, then try our economical THINS burger slices – all the benefits at a lower price.

Written By

Alannah Searle