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The Ultimate Comfort Food – Cheese Curds


| 01 Jul 2022

The Ultimate Comfort Food – Cheese Curds

There is no better time to reminisce on Cheese Curds, one of Canada’s most loved regional delicacies, then on Canada Day.

Cheese Curds are the key ingredient to one of Canada’s most unique dishes – Poutine. Loved by many all over the country, it is a staple dish during their annual Canada Day celebrations. On July 1st every year Canadians celebrate the milestone of their independence and enjoy some national treasures such as cheese curds in the form of Poutine.

Poutine is the ultimate Canadian comfort food. An inspired dish of fries with authentic cheese curds and gravy – it takes the humble cheesy fries and elevates them to the next level.

Cheese curds have a fresh, slightly salty, cheddar-like flavour. However, this does vary slightly depending on where they are made. Cheese curds are an essential part of the cheese making process. Before a cheese such as cheddar is formed into blocks or a wheel and aged, it starts out as curds.

Cheese curds often come from one of two places, Wisconsin, USA or Canada. By contrast, Canadian curds are produced from cows with a higher dry feed diet and are more suited to the Canadian delicacy – poutine – which means they don’t carry quite the same flavour as those from Wisconsin. No matter the taste, it’s not a cheese curd without its iconic squeaky texture.

Fresh cheese curds create a signature squeaky noise when you eat them. This is due to the elastic protein strands rubbing against your tooth enamel. The fresher the curd, the squeakier the texture.

Warm, gooey, squeaky and sometimes crunchy. Cheese Curds are comforting, satisfying and great for sharing. They are a rising star in the casualisation trend in food service. A flavourful cheese, with little-cost addition, that makes for a unique and decadent menu offering. Cheese curds have been increasing in popularity over the last few years, as many Australian travellers returned from Canada and felt the need to re-create their favourite Canadian dish.

However, if you are wanting to indulge in some cheese curd goodness but you live way too far away from the US or Canada – then Pure Dairy is your answer.

Pure Dairy Cheese curds are individually quick frozen (IQF), this quick-freezing technology allows us to trap the signature squeak in and ensure freshness, prolonging the life of these cheesy gems.  This means that you also get the flexibility of only using as much as you need from the bag, without having the defrost your whole bag of cheese curds. They have an incredible shelf-life of 210 days, meaning you can enjoy curds all year round, even in Australia.

Poutine isn’t the only great way to eat Cheese Curds. Fried Cheese Curds is another great way to eat these delicious gems.

Pure Dairy Cheese Curds are not only extremely delicious, but they can also be a great addition to your diet to improve your consumption of essential minerals. Our cheese curds are high in calcium and protection, have no added sugar, no carbs, zero trans fats and are gluten free. All Pure Dairy products are made with only the freshest ingredients, with our Cheese Curds being made with only the freshest pasteurised milk in Wisconsin.

Cheese Curds are also an extremely versatile and delicious ingredient, that can sometimes be overlooked due to its common addition in poutine; for some it’s hard to imagine anything better than Poutine. Cheese Curds can offer so much more, in a range of dishes. You can have them battered and fried, add them to a pizza or burger for a great twist, make them a delicious addition to your breakfast menu or even as an indulgent addition to any salad.

These unique and decadent gems of cheese may seem simple but can unexpectedly add an incredible layer of versatility and flavour to any dish.

If you want Cheese Curds that will not only achieve but exceed your needs, then Pure Dairy’s team of experienced cheesemongers can deliver. They endeavour to provide only the finest quality products and their IQF Cheese Curds are no exception.

Pure Dairy’s team are committed to achieving and exceeding the needs of their consumers including providing the finest quality cheeses from around the world, whether that’s our Australian Mozzarella, New Zealand Cheddar, Greek Feta or our IQF Cheese Curds, our quality is always assured.

Make the most incredible and authentic poutine or even just explore the versatility of the cheese curds, no matter your plans, our cheese curds will never disappoint.

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Jessica Condon